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Chat Room & Members Area Facts

  1. Safety Tips for Chat Room & Members Area

    Safety-wise, meeting on the Net is inherently similar to meeting outside, offline. If the same standard meeting precautions are followed, the cyber-savvy can feel truly at ease while getting to know each other. The main thing to remember: trust your instincts and use common sense just like you would outside, offline Helpful Hints for Meeting Online

    You're in control of your online experience at all times. You can remain completely anonymous until you feel ready.

    You are the one in control when it comes to taking an online relationship offline. You have an advantage online because you can get to know each other before you meet. Remember that you don't need to take anything further than the computer or phone wires.

    When you do decide to meet face to face, pick a public place and provide your own transportation to and from. Tell a friend where you're going and check in when you return home.

    Always set up an email account just for online meeting.

    Ask a lot of questions and watch for inconsistencies with answers given

    Stay away from members who won't take no for an answer or pressure you for any kind of personal information. Others will respect your space and allow you to take your time.

    Even with our strong effort to ensure the quality of our sites, we cannot guarantee about the people you meet on-line. We ask members to call us if they see anything strange so that we can research it.

    If someone asks you to go to their personal web site page or asks you for money, use good sense not to oblige and then report the situation to us.

    Using your good judgment is your best bet because ultimately you are responsible for your own experience. Trust your instincts always and then have fun with the right people!

  2. What is the difference between the color icons next to name in the chat room?

    Icon color meanings next to the screen name in the chat room:


    GOLD is a main owner & founder of the member area & chat room.

    WHITE is a moderator who moderates the members area & the chat room.

    BLUE is a  member that has profile in the member area.

    GREEN is a guest who doesnt have a profile in the member area.

    RED means an off-line member.

    GREY means you are ignoring another member.

    BROWN means the member is banned.


    Red circle over the icon means the member is gagged, which means they can not chat in main chat room or in private message (PM). Sometimes it's automatically done by the website & sometimes it's done by a kick from an owner/moderator. It is usually done when a new guest member enteres the chat room. If this happens to you, wait till an owner/moderator sees you & will ungag you.

  3. How do I become a blue member in the chat room?

    In order to become a blue member, you must register to create a profile in the members area at the top right corner of the page in the chat room.

    You must create a profile with the same screen name as your screen name in the chat room. Once this is done, email any owner/moderator from the member area. Once they recieve that email as a confirmation, then they will make you a blue member.

  4. What are the benefits of becoming a blue member in the chat room?

    1. You are never gagged automatically by the website.


    2. You can keep in touch with other blue members, who have a profile in the member area.


    3. You can post videos, pictures, create your own Wiki page, post comments on other profiles & in open discussions, send & recieve emails, add friends to your profile & write in a blog.


    4. Make new friends.


    5. And more to come...

  5. How do I post a video?

    First, you have to create a channel for yourself.


    Creating a Channel:


    1. Click on "Videos" on the Navagation Bar.

    2. Click on Edit "Channels".

    3. Put in your name in "New Channel Name".

    4. Click on "Add New Channel".

    5. Scroll all the way down the page and click on "Submit".


    Posting a Video:


    1. Click on "Videos" .

    2. Click on "Add Video".

    3. Scroll the arrow down to your channel name.

    4. URL Tab: cut and paste your own URL link from any website (such as you tube for example) & paste that link in the "video URL" space.

    5. Name your video on the "Title" space. 

    6. Add any message to your video by the "Description" space. 

    7. Click "Submit".


    You can also search for any videos from Youtube:


    1. Click on the "Search Youtube" Tab.

    2. Enter any names, subject about the video.

    3. Click the search button (blue circle with the magnifying glass).

    4. Click on the video that you want.

    5. Click "Submit".


     You can also "upload" your own video from your computer:


    1.Click the "Browse" button to select the video you want to upload.

    2.Click "Upload" and wait for the video to finish uploading.

    3.Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to insert the video.

    4. Add a title of the video in the "Title" space.

    5. Add any message to your video by the "Description" space.

    6.Click "Submit".


     My Videos Tab:


    To video all the videos that you already posted.



  6. How do I post a picture?

    First you have to create an album for yourself.


    1. Click on "Photo Gallery" on the Navigation Bar.

    2. Click on "Add Photos". 

    3. In the "New Album" space, enter your name. 

    4. scroll down & click on "Upload Photos".

    5. A new window will pop up, search for the pictures on your computer that you would like to add/upload.

    6. Click "Open"

    7. Click on picture that you would like to add/upload.

    8. Scroll down & click "Submit"    


    If you already created an album for yourself:


    1. Click on "Existing Album"

    2. Scroll down to your name.

    3. Continue with steps 4 - 8 above.



  7. How do I send an email (message) to another member?

    1. Log in to "Member Area".

    2. Click on "Inbox" on the right side of the screen.

    3. Click "Compose".

    4. Enter in the member's name in the "To" space.

    5. Enter in a subject in the "Subject" space.

    6. Enter in the message in the "Message" space.

    7. Click "Send".




    If you don't know the member's name:


    1. Click on "Member Profiles" on the navigation bar.

    2. Search for the member that you want to send an email (message) to either by entering their name by the search bar & clicking the magnifying icon or search by "Sorting By" the person's name.

    3. When you find the member's profile, click either their name or profile picture.

    4. On the left side of their profile under their "joined date", you will see "Send a Message" link.

    5. Click on "Send a Message".

    6. A new window will pop up with their name.

    7. Enter in a subject in the "Subject" space.

    8. Enter in the message in the "Message" space.

    9. Click "Send".



  8. How do I read my new emails?

    1. Log in to the "Member Area".

    2. You will see your "Inbox" on the right side of the screen.

    3. Click "Inbox".

    4. Your new email will be highlighted in your inbox. Click the "Subject"  to view.


    To reply to an email:


    1. Enter in the message in the reply box

    2. Click on "Send Message".




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