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The "three wear three don't wear" principle

Posted by nacy smith on June 15, 2022 at 8:35 AM

In the choice of clothing, must not only follow the current fashion trend and ignore their own conditions. For women with good taste, remember the following "three wear three don't wear" rule, avoid "minefields", and be generous and decent.


Don't wear fancy clothes and wear simple pieces

Those fancy clothes, of course, can attract everyone's attention and present a very personalized effect, but it will also be difficult to match or be too picky about personal conditions, and bring higher control difficulty. Even with simple pieces, you can create a lot of elegant outfits.

Dress according to the temperature. For example, light cotton T-shirts will be popular after summer. Like this white printed T-shirt, it can be worn by a 40-year-old woman to reduce the effect of age, fresh and generous. Cooperate a bit loose knickers, along with the sex is comfortable again. It is this kind of unpretentious way of dressing that is most worthy of the praise of ordinary people.

T-shirt selection is random, is changeable, is particularly rich, if the white T-shirt is given priority to, can take different printing modification, enrich its appearance, improve the single situation.

The same combination of t-shirts and shorts, changing the color of the shorts, can also lead to a very different interpretation of the visual picture. This pair of light gray shorts, the color is very restrained, the shape is very simple, can also be used as sportswear.

Those look very flowery, very trival sheet is tasted, can keep the filling of multifarious color department commonly, may disturb the vision of everybody, look not quite easy, look not quite concise. If women were looking for something to complement their looks with among the many color schemes, black and white would be on the list and would never go away.

For example, the single product chosen by this lady can basically put aside concerns about age and become a model that can be tried by all three generations. The design of the white jacket is simple, and the black trousers have a certain sense of draping and formal, which can extend the leg lengthwise to modify the state of the leg.

A simple piece is essential, but it doesn't have to be matched with similar, single design clothing. If you create a complex and simple matching effect, you can also avoid fancy feeling.

Just like this white shirt, the most simple shape, so that it has the highest potential and the richest possibilities when matching. If only black trousers collocation, the longer it will bring obvious boring feeling, might as well choose other dress to replace, can also change the appearance, create a new image and more unique style, the lady's print dress, you can see the ornament of printing is not mixed and disorderly, but very orderly, can create an elegant style.


Don't wear sloppy clothes. Wear neat pieces

In the selection of clothing, there are some skills to keep in mind, such as the use of color, the more miscellaneous, the more bright the color, the higher the challenge, in addition, we should try to choose those neat single products, enhance the sense of atmosphere.

Short pieces are best suited to women who want to create a slimming look, such as this earth color short T-shirt, which is especially soft and suitable for summer wear. Lengthen your legs by combining a pair of looser jeans at the bottom. Its dew scale is moderate, cool and generous.

The choice of single products can not be too similar, or the daily wear will maintain similarity. After summer, floral pieces will be especially popular, easily bring a small and fresh style.

For example this group of broken flower suit, won't bring any drag feeling absolutely, the square of upper body gets sheet to taste, retained short and narrow design, describe a taller waist line. The broken beautiful skirt of the lower half body retained the same color as element with jacket, enhance the continuity of visual respect and unity, more reduce age.


Don't wear skirts that are too short. Wear skirts that go through the knee

Some young girls like to wear short skirts, presenting a cute image, but too short dress is a possibility of showing off, and a little more demanding on the legs. Most women, if the figure is not outstanding, can as far as possible to wear less short skirts, more knee skirt, not only improve temperament, but also cover up the deficiency.

Like this white skirt, it does not cover all leg shapes or all leg skin, but creates moderate white space to enhance the stretching effect of leg shapes. It is refreshing in color and sweet with pink shirt.

For women who are good at dressing, they will remember a few principles of dressing and try to improve their chances of success. In the selection of skirt, can maintain a moderate width, keep the length of knee.

This striped dress is the simplest combination of two colors, so even if you age, even if your skin is not fair enough, you can wear it. The hem of this skirt catches the knee area and gently covers the thigh.Read more at:lilac prom dress | gold prom dresses uk

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