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Don't obey the old and don't pretend to be young, beautiful and calm

Posted by nacy smith on July 2, 2022 at 1:40 AM

It was only after I was fifty years old that I found out that I used to like the lively self, but I don't know when I started to like the quiet and alone life. It may be because of seeing the warmth of human relationships; it may also be because of the disgust of interpersonal relationships that compare with each other...

In this simple and quiet life, I can not only enjoy the lightness of the years, but also appreciate the simplicity and innocence behind the prosperity.

Of course, the quiet life mentioned here does not mean that you are accompanied by loneliness and loneliness; nor does it allow you to live as an "invisible person" in life.

This is not only an attitude to life, but also one of the most suitable living methods for middle-aged women.

So, women in their 50s and 60s, please let yourself try to be quiet. Because only when your body and heart are truly quiet can you hear your true inner voice and needs.

The beauty blogger who appeared today is an elegant lady who lives very quietly.

The clothes she chooses are not the ones that are too flamboyant and revealing, but the common ones we see, and through their excellent matching skills, these simple and everyday clothes styles are more fashionable and innovative.

If middle-aged mothers in their 50s and 60s have not found their own matching inspiration, they might as well learn from or directly imitate her dressing skills.

A cool, dry cotton T-shirt is a summer outfit for women who like a quiet life. It is not very luxurious, but with the delicate touch that everyone loves, it has won the favor of the public. Middle-aged women with a slightly fat body can choose a slightly loose-fitting T-shirt to wear, and they can easily create a decent shape while being slim and slim.

A woman with a quiet and peaceful heart can always reveal her hidden temperament invisibly. In life, they like to use this kind of knitted cardigan with both versatility and functionality to interpret the clear and generous beauty.

Small mothers may wish to choose a waist-length cardigan style. Whether it is layered over a dress or worn alone with a skirt, it can portray the overall look of a concise and elegant look without being charming or gaudy.

The shirt style with intellectual and capable as the main tone is also one of the styles with the highest appearance rate in summer. We can add a little design elements to ordinary styles, such as folds, ruffles, etc., and match them with light skirts, which will make people feel that they have infinite women. flavor.

Although it is said that the current skirt is a dress that can be matched all year round, but for most people, the hot summer is still the main battlefield of light skirts. Especially the "pear-shaped mothers" who are fat on the lower body, prefer to use the elegant skirt style to release their femininity in this romantic and passionate season.

Because the temperature in summer is very hot, mothers who like to wear pants are most suitable for using fresh and elegant white pants to resolve the dull feeling brought by summer. The upper body is using the "relieving summer color" shirt with its own cooling properties to dilute the current dryness and monotony.

For middle-aged women who can really dress up, a small printed silk scarf is a symbol of taste; it is also an invisible matching tool. For mothers who are afraid of heat, you might as well choose this light and breathable mulberry silk scarf to match. Whether it is tied around the neck or on a textured bag, it can change thousands of styles on your body.Read more at:green prom dress | white prom dress

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