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"Learn to choose styles" is the key to fashion

Posted by nacy smith on June 29, 2022 at 11:30 PM

When women are over thirty, they will understand a very simple truth, that is: it doesn't matter if you are slim and perfect; It doesn't matter if you look good or not, all of these things add up to having a good attitude.

Because a woman with a good attitude will never compare her own shortcomings with the advantages of others. Nor in the face of setbacks, will not get up after a setback...

Smart, free and easy, they will through their own efforts and struggle, live to become their favorite appearance.

Today's share is, for 30 year old woman light ripe outfit. Won't wear the novice small white that build, can draw lessons from the collocation skill of young lady sister, hope figure is general, appearance level is common you, also can use these to wear build small clever move, dress up oneself the fashionable goddess in the eyes of others!

Over the age of 30, women gradually mature from the psychological beginning. This is the age at which delicate, playful styles, like your favourite comfy T-shirt, are no longer appropriate, and the plain-hued basics are the norm.

When we wear, try to avoid too childish cartoon prints, as well as avoid too high brightness of the impact of color, choose this own elegant visual effect of the T-shirt, whether with elegant skirt or neat pants, can add luster to highlight your temperament.

In torrid summer, cannot escape the existence of condole belt unlined upper garment. Cool and refreshing and modern it is complete, belong to qiu dong fold wear and midsummer high temperature need to prepare a design, direct sheet is worn with pants, skirt collocation, can reveal glamour to the greatest extent.

The lady of collect inside temperamental, might as well fold its wear inside of gentle small unlined upper garment, want what neckline gathers a sex to be beautiful only, fabrics simple sense is superior, can make a very modern spirit moves feeling.

Simple cardigans are very good to match the style, the front front is open to wear it, although it is not easy to wear pullovers, but it is very straightforward to wear. Whether it is daily, leisure, sports, home, shopping, it can be easily controlled.

In summer, we need to choose this thin, not stuffy tencel material, coupled with the fit slightly loose version, not only modify the body, but also easier to create a rich layer of overlapping effect.

In order to show off their slim figure, many slim 30-year-olds like to show off their elegant beauty by using fashionable dress styles. When we choose this kind of skirt, we should think about our advantages first.

For example, slim waist girl, might as well in the waist section of the use of white design (drawing on the right), and then the skirt in the slit design echoes, will be firmly attracted to the line of sight, so as to ignore the short body elsewhere.

The more flexible skirt style, compared with the dress, is more suitable for "pear-shaped women" with a thicker lower body. The girl in the right picture wears a black pleated skirt, which hides all the feminine charm in the undulating pleats of the skirt.

With fresh and romantic forest green cotton T-shirt, the endless light elegant poetry, the interpretation of the feminine just right.

If you're a 30-year-old who likes a smart, neat vibe, you'll find pants in your closet with a strong sense of dimension. Especially this kind of neat straight trousers that can shape super strong gas field can be very spontaneous, free and easy, and fashionable feeling is very sufficient, simple accessories comfortable small uncut, easily get the beauty of big long leg essence into!

The change of temperature in summer also affects the change of our hearts. When the weather is sultry, have the heart to dress up well? Might as well use exquisite deserve to act the role of the detail feeling that will abound whole.

It can be a collision belt and bag of the same color, or a soft, delicate silk scarf, as long as it is embellished in our daily wear, can make our summer style, instantly upgrade several levels.Read more at:pink prom dresses uk | yellow prom dresses uk

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