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In 2022, "first love" looks are in fashion

Posted by nacy smith on June 23, 2022 at 4:50 AM

Not many women can say no to something sweet and cute, as long as it doesn't feel childish and fits them perfectly. After all, there's a teenage girl in everyone's heart, and it's understandable to want to feel girly.

In this issue, Mianmian will share with you a girly style of collocation idea. In 2022, "first love feeling" is popular to wear, elegant fashion is not a thing, the key is to look thin.

What is a "first love" look?

When it comes to first love, there are still a lot of people who don't know what it is. Actually first love feeling wears the melting collocation that those show temperament in the life namely, these collocation has two characteristics normally, among them one characteristic is gentle atmosphere, and another characteristic is melting nave.

The perfect combination of tenderness and sweetness creates the unique beauty of "first love feeling". This look is very sophisticated, and not difficult to handle, suitable for most people.

The secret to your first love look

★ ★ Use light colored clothing to match

Want to let wear a "first love feeling", the first thing to do is to learn to use light color dress collocation. Many women do not know enough about dress collocation, so they do not dare to easily use light color dress collocation, for fear of creating a black dress will appear.

In fact, the use of light-colored clothing to create a dress will not necessarily wear a black feeling, mainly depends on whether the color match can be perfect with the skin color.

There are many light colors that can enhance the effect of wearing white, such as light green, khaki, light blue and so on.

These light color fastens dress to have show bai effect not only, and go up after death still can promote melting feeling, its practical is taller. In addition, like the model of this dark green background with small white dot design dress is also sweet and show white.

Do not think that the use of light color clothing to create a dress will definitely appear black, most of the low color saturation and gray color clothing is not black.

If you feel that your skin is not fair enough, you can also use a combination of light colors and dark colors. "One shallow one deep" match color train of thought is very practical in wearing build, everybody can try.

★ keep it simple while keeping it slim

Now a lot of young people have learned to control the figure, if you want to wear a "first love feeling", not only to learn to highlight the advantages of the figure, so that the thin effect becomes better, but also to maintain the simplicity of wearing.

"First love feeling" the core key that wear build is the nous that will girl and gentleness show come out, bring the green feeling of first love to the person and melting feeling, when collocation so, must not let wear take the feeling that appear desultorily.

If you look disorganized, it's not only easy to look sloppy, but even rustic. In the use of unique design of clothing to create wear, as far as possible through the color collocation for wear reserved "white" area.

This will make the outfit look more sophisticated, but also effectively avoid wearing a look of aging, you can try this way.

If you don't know how to leave a "white space" for your dress, you can enhance the simplicity of your dress by exposing your skin.

The skin that shows skin place can become to wear build medium "leave white" one part of the area, had its ornament, can let wear build to have "first love feeling" easily.

As summer approaches, many people are looking for ways to create a high-end look. Want to let wear to have enough to reduce the age effect, and do not want to let wear to appear childish feeling, but also let the figure advantage to show.Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk | formal evening dresses uk

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