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Three collocations make you wear a good temperament

Posted by nacy smith on June 21, 2022 at 6:10 AM

Many women regard dressing and matching as a compulsory course that they should practice. They can summarize the dressing that suits them from constant trial and error, and they can also reasonably avoid the "trap" of dressing. Those women who are getting more and more temperamental will never make the following three mistakes. They can show an elegant image with their outfits.


The skirt is not as long as possible

Many women will fall into a big dressing error, thinking that the longer the skirt, the better, and only the length is enough to cover the fat. A moderate length can indeed help women hide some deficiencies in their figure, but the choice of specific length should still be made according to the individual's figure.

Long skirts can present a very dignified and elegant posture, but not every woman is suitable for trying such a single product. If you like a pretty or lively style, you can choose this white short skirt. Although the color is relatively dull, the tailoring makes it age-reducing. It is also very fashionable with a green T-shirt.

And those women whose legs are not particularly bloated, they can use short skirts to strengthen their own advantages, fully present their slender curves in the public's field of vision, and "add bricks and mortar" to their personal charm.

Like this denim skirt, after summer, it can burst out with surging youthful vitality and infinite refreshing atmosphere. The material of this dress is particularly classic and will not look worn over time. You can match the upper body with various colored T-shirts, and the shape will be more vivid.

Even mature women don't always have to use over-the-knee skirts to add to their body, and skirt items covering the knee area can also help them cover some deficiencies in the thigh position. Revealing the curve of a section of the calf, it will look more refreshing.

For example, this black denim skirt is also a single product that can show a sense of playfulness, but the deep color makes it not jump off too much, but precipitates a somewhat stable feeling. Mature women can use it with a white POLO collar top, which has a more sporty temperament, and the mental state of the whole person will be improved.


The color of the pants is not as dark as possible

Many women choose dark colors as the main color when choosing clothes. However, not all dark colors can bring about the effect of weight loss, and it is more closely related to the specific tailoring of clothing.

Especially in summer, relying too much on black or other dark clothes will make the style uniform. Adding a few light-colored items appropriately, such as this white trousers, can dilute the dull and old-fashioned atmosphere and create a stylish look. refreshing state. The upper body can also be matched with any complex or simple design, without any sense of incongruity.

The color of trousers is not as dark as possible. If you feel that light colors do have the risk of highlighting flaws more or less, you can choose white wide-leg trousers to directly cover many dead corners of your body.

Like these white wide-leg trousers, it can create the most elegant posture and the most attractive effect, and the choice of colors is also very versatile, whether it is a young girl full of girlishness, or a mature and aura. Women of all ages can control such items very well. Combined with blue tops with different shades, they all have a high-end atmosphere.


The style of the skirt does not need to be too popular

You can’t keep all black items in the wardrobe, especially skirts. If the colors are too similar and the cuts are very consistent, it will make daily wear a bit boring. The style of skirt does not need to be too popular, you can choose different types of skirt items to add temperament and style.

Like this dress, its biggest feature is that the design of the sleeves is a little inflated, which can create a very typical French retro look. The choice of colors is not fancy or bright, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of driving, and it will not be very picky about the driver's figure.

Women should choose skirt items according to their body characteristics. Some skirts will completely surround most of the body lines, creating a decorative effect on the short board, while some will reveal obvious lines, creating a charming appearance. breath.

Like this white dress, the color is not actually an eye-catching type, but because the cut does have a certain degree of skin exposure, it will make the whole outfit particularly eye-catching, and the neck, especially the shoulder and neck lines, are clearly defined. , it looks cooler. The red polka dots are strikingly embellished on the pure white skirt, which also makes the skirt unique.

For those women who are more and more temperamental, they will strengthen their personal characteristics by wearing them. If they are more interested in dresses, they should not keep overly similar dress items, but choose different styles to enrich their outfits.

If you don't want to expose too much skin, or like conservative dress items, you can lock in this blue dress. The fresh color naturally makes it have the most flamboyant features and the advantage of showing temperament. As soon as the belt is closed, the curve is immediately revealed.Read more at:formaldressuk.com | ball gown dress

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