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The most chic Korean style in summer

Posted by nacy smith on May 17, 2022 at 3:20 AM


In the blink of an eye, the summer of 2022 has come. Time flies so fast. Do you also want to enhance your personal charm and become more and more beautiful this summer? If you want to enhance your charm, in addition to improving your hairstyle, the more important thing is to learn how to wear it, and as long as you find the right matching style, you can become beautiful all the way, but many young ladies will learn to wear in the process of dressing. After taking a lot of detours, you can't find the right clothes, and it is easy to expose your own shortcomings because of the wrong matching.


So today, I will introduce you to the outfits of Korean girls. Their gentle style is very exciting, and their body requirements are not so strict. Whether you are small or tall, you can learn it together. .


The collocations of Korean girls are simple and light, and at the same time they are very fashionable. When choosing the style of clothes, they prefer basic clothes, such as basic shirts. This item is very simple for many people. It exists, and an ordinary shirt can also show a variety of styles in daily life. The shirt is very good to match. It is very beautiful with jeans or a skirt. For example, bloggers use this kind of shirt with a light jacket. Blue jeans are also very easy to color in summer.


When it comes to the must-have clothing in summer, many people think of shorts, because in the hot summer, wearing shorts will feel very cool, and there are many styles of shorts, denim shorts, suit shorts, these are all very popular clothing for fashionistas. If you want to be more fashionable, you can try this slightly looser wide-leg shorts with a concave shape, which will look thinner when worn on the body. It is good with T-shirts and shirts.


When wearing shorts, what kind of shoes should be worn under the feet is also a question that many people are thinking about. In fact, in summer, everyone still hopes to wear comfortable and cool clothes, so you can use this simple flat sandal to create a concave shape, although the flat bottom Sandals are easy to increase without high heels, but they are comfortable to wear under your feet. Exposing your insteps and ankles is also very thin, and you will not feel dull.


Of course, if a small man wants to show long legs in summer, one of the skills he must learn is to be short at the top and long at the bottom, and when choosing a top, you can tuck it into the waist of your pants to modify your figure. Use this way of tucking the waist to modify the proportions, and you can easily have long legs and a small waist.


In terms of color selection of clothes, you can also try more simple light colors. It is not suitable to wear too dark colors in summer. Clothes like brown tend to feel a little dull. You can choose this kind of light khaki or beige clothing, which is very gentle on the body. White and khaki can also show your fair skin. The whole person is radiant.


Another thing to pay attention to is to learn to use accessories to decorate, some young ladies and their daily wear are too monotonous, so they need to use some fashion accessories. In addition to wearing hats and sunglasses in summer, you also need to match yourself with a fashionable bag. Bags are really important for women. They can enrich your outfit and are very practical. Like these Korean ladies Paired with a simple messenger bag can also highlight their fashion sense.


At the same time, we should also pay attention to the version of the clothes. In summer, it is not recommended for everyone to wear clothes that are too slim. Clothes that are too close to the body are easy to feel restrained, and it is easy to expose the disadvantages of your figure. There will be some high requirements for your figure. Little fairies who are not so slender can choose a slightly looser version when wearing clothes, but pay attention to the combination of elastic and tight, so that they can modify their figure. In particular, the waist must be as close as possible to avoid bloating.


I have explained the matching of basic styles. In fact, in summer, most of the girls still like to wear skirts, especially the Korean girls. The matching of these long skirts is very gentle. If you want to wear skirts in summer, you can Try a long skirt with this length below the knee and above the ankle, whether it is a dress or a skirt, this length is relatively safe, and then combine it with refreshing sandals and high heels, it will not feel heavy, but Can be taller and thinner.


The colors of the skirts that these Korean ladies and sisters match are also relatively refreshing. White or pink look very gentle, and they don't look dull at all. The color and style of the whole look tend to be gentle, which is really suitable for dating.


Miss Han, are you excited about these gentle outfits? If you don't have any ideas, you can follow them to learn how to style. Every outfit is full of charm and has a high degree of fit. If you want to become beautiful, act quickly.Read more at:https://www.formaldressuk.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">cheap prom dresses | https://www.formaldressuk.com/collections/short-prom-dresses" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">short formal dresses


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