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50 + how to dress young and advanced?

Posted by nacy smith on May 13, 2022 at 5:15 AM


In real life, do women who live their lives to the full, no matter their age, have slender bodies? They can always rely on good dress sense and elegant temperament, win the respect and admiration of others.


Bring their own elegant temperament, they have their own aesthetic taste.


They never change their style to suit a particular trend or trend. Nor will they blindly pile up fashion to achieve the purpose of reducing age...


In their eyes, women of every age have their own unique charm and temperament. Want us to have good state of mind only, reoccupy concise, easy wear build dress up oneself, although the year passes 50, figure is plump, also can wear the modelling that gives fashionable temperament easy.


In today's issue of content sharing, xiaobian was worn by the chubby old blogger power circle fans.


Although she chooses the basic style that we can wear at ordinary times, but she has decorated a better self with outstanding dressing skills, below, let us hurry to get her dressing skills!


Summer is a colorful, warm and romantic season. The elegant woman of this season, love to use this kind of frivolous, comfortable breathable knit unpadded upper garment design most, elegant and comfortable vexed interpretation just good. Natural and simple black knit cardigan, matching dark print skirt, deduce the beauty of sex that lets a person see not enough.


Contracted also relaxed knit small vest, can cover middle-aged women already the short board on the figure of the place, also can let the original valiant female image becomes more gentle, in the heart of elegant women, belong to the existence of a sense of measure very much. The summer goes out, season matches an elegant half-length skirt, can highlight a mature female along with sexual grace and beautiful external figure, and, knitting cover flesh to show thin wear build LOOK, suit small fat woman very much.


In an elegant woman's magic wardrobe, there must be a classic blouse. Today's shirt has long been reinterpreted by designers through changes in fabric, pattern and details. It is really getting rid of the old and rigid impression given to people in the past, and has become a fashion "cure-all" that everyone can wear! When we are matching, we can use the "combination of complex and simple" wearing skills, so that the modelling bright spot will not appear too fancy.


So-called "connect body foreign outfit" the dress sheet is tasted, the atmospheric soft beauty of elegant female and tender fan are clever confluence, deduce the clear feeling that gives its attractive. The style slants composed, atmosphere, mature brunet printing dress, borrow with lubricious belt, draw the outline of a slender waist, can dissolve the old air feeling of skirt body. Match double black high-heeled shoes and bag, have another atmosphere implication.


Elegant pleated skirts stand out this summer! In the light flowing folds, the deformed thighs of middle-aged women are hidden and the figure is lengthened. We can choose a pleated skirt that fits our body shape according to the criteria of "the denser the pleats, the better the concealment effect".


Loose degree of straight pants, especially suitable for middle-aged women with meat legs. The trousers that designs downy and relaxed, defer along leg ministry and fall, highlight the natural and unrestrained temperament that gives mature female languid is lazy. Small unlined upper garment of collocation cultivate one's body and comfortable flat bottom shoe, reoccupy the harmonic echo of shoe, bag, small content, not laborious mix build arise spontaneously.


Elegant woman people, besides the contracted attribute that can have the aid of basic money, make a senior, easy visual effect. Will also use bags, necklaces, scarves and other accessories for their overall image to enhance the fashion, so that the dress more bright spot. Blogger of left picture will soft, lightsome mulberry silk square scarf, tie between neck, as breeze flutters, do not need excessive draw a drawing, can bring silent lasting appeal.Read more at:https://www.formaldressuk.com/collections/prom-dresses" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">prom dresses uk online | https://www.formaldressuk.com/collections/long-prom-dresses" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">long prom dresses


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